Data Stores

Relational Databases

No modern application can be imagined without persistent data holding.

Relational databases are still playing an important role in information retrieve systems. New generation of SQL-databases support both OLTP and OLAP technologies.

Enabling of database related CRUDs and querying via JPA encapsulates database operations in Entity Beans and provides an OO view on relational structures and SQL. This facilitates quick wins with short development time possible even for entry level programmers. The underling database foundations remain sometimes in oblivion until some critical performance issues arise and new investments will be needed for database optimization.

Proper database architecture is an important part of TOGAF approach and - independent from whether this framework is used or not - following database topics should be addressed during database design and JPA development: locking strategies, indexing strategies, optimizing data access, optimizing joins and physical design.

We are working with:

  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • Sybase
  • SQL Server
  • SQLBase
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL