Advantages and Possibilities

Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver higher levels of service at less cost. The beauty of offshore services is that it enables companies to do just that. Access to high quality staff with key skills, lower costs and the ability to utilize 24x7 support services, means enterprises can continue to improve service levels while maintaining healthy margins. In turn, this allows them to provide more competitive price levels for customers.

Ian Marriott, research director
What values brings nearshore software development?
  • No unnecessary investments
  • Know - How transfer from a professional team
  • Minimised staff problems
  • Contract binding terms
  • Lower IT - costs

The advantages of nearshore development and especially in agile projects are sometimes objected by so called co-location 'impediment'. SCRUM enables building of virtual teams better than any other software development framework. Continuous integration, shared product and Sprint backlogs, transparency, Daily Scrums, shared code base, modern telecommunication facilities - including video and telephone conferencing - provide excellent opportunity to gain most of highly qualified professionals in nearshore facilities. Additionally, nearshoring has an advantage comparing to offshoring due to small time zone shifts and similar European cultural backgrounds.