Apache Cassandra seminar and training

Apache Cassandra Seminars

Apache Cassandra is fault tolerant, masterless and linear scalable NoSQL data store with no single point of failure. It providers exceptional performance, tuneable consistency, ACID support via lightweight transactions, built-in benchmarking and multiple performance tuning possibilities.

Four days Apache Cassandra seminar was held for a major international telecommunocation company.

Our seminars put a Big Data context for Apache Cassandra usage, its position in NoSQL landscape and guide participants from basic installation and configuration steps through detailed explanation of Apache Cassandra's high advanced technological features and data modelling specifics into practice usage for diverse possible use-case scenarios. Such topics as Hadoop/MapReduce integration with Apache Cassandra were introduced as well. Participants got experience in setting up and using Cassandra clusters in single data center topology. Most topics are paired with practical exercises.

Following topics would be covered during this seminar:

  • Big Data. History, challenges, current state
  • NoSQL. History, concepts, technologies
  • NoSQL. Products and classes
  • Apache Cassandra Features basics
  • Apache Cassandra Architecture basics
  • Apache Cassandra Data Modelling basics
  • Apache Cassandra CLI
  • Architecture details
  • Anti-Entropy, Hinted Handoff and Read Repair, SEDA
  • Managers and Services, Gossip and Failure Detection
  • Bloom filters, Merkle trees
  • Cassandra Query Language, including examples and exercises
  • Data modelling, best practices and anti-patterns
  • Data modelling exercises
  • RDBMS ERM to Cassandra migration (focus on data model and related functionality), recommendations, issues
  • Data versioning
  • Dealing with OLTP type workloads, e.g. maintaining data consistency and transactional integrity
  • Cassandra Client Interfaces und APIs under the hood, Drivers Zoo
  • Java example application with Cassandra using DataStax Java driver, exercises
  • Data distribution, partitioners in depth
  • Clustering, Replication, Partitioning, consistency levels in Cassandra
  • Cluster setup exercise
  • Consistency levels in cluster by example
  • Integration with Hadoop and MapReduce
  • MapReduce under the hood, examples and exercises
  • Fail-over in Cassandra Clusters
  • Cassandra Performance-Benchmarking and Tuning

Seminar covers CQL3, version 2.0.3 of Apache Cassandra and DataStax Java driver.