Data Analysis and Statistics with R

We expand our services with consulting in areas of scientific and business data analysis with R - the comprehensive statistical platform. This platform includes high-level programming language, sophisticated graphics engine and thousands out-of-the-box packages.

Some features of R:

  • It is free to download and use, providing solid alternative to such commerial products like SAS, IBM SPSS or Oracle R Enterprise.
  • R has state-of-the-art graphics capabilities with ggplot2 graphical package. It has carefully chosen set of defaults, facilitating creation of a publication-quality graphic in minutes, and a comprehensive theming system for special formatting requirements. Instead of spending time making your graph look pretty, you can focus on creating a graph that best reveals the messages in your data.
  • Getting data into a usable form from multiple sources can be a challenging proposition. R can easily import data from a wide variety of sources, including text files, database management systems, statistical packages, and specialized data repositories. It can write data out to these systems as well.
  • R runs on a wide array of platforms, including Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X.
  • R can be used from Java, extending java enterprise application with R analytical capabilities.